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Kayla, my oldest. She is 4 1/2 and is a sweet, loving and silly little girl. She took us 2 ½ years and 3 IVF’s to conceive. Kayla is allergic to dairy. We manage her allergy and work to balance her safety with giving her a normal childhood. Kayla loves to read books and play games - she amazes me every day.

Alysa, my youngest. She is 3 years old and is a silly little spitfire. She’s our monkey and loves to climb on everything. She was a “natural” baby, but it was only b/c of my wonderful doctors that we were able to stop an impending miscarriage. Alysa suffers from Acid Reflux Disease and sleep apnea. She may be little, but she has a big personality. She adores her big sister and is so much fun to be around. She keeps me laughing every day.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
It Starts
Yup, Kayla is sick and she's home today. I knew it was coming, but the 2nd week of school? Come on! Last night after gymnastics I noticed she sounded a bit congested. I figured she was getting a cold. Then when I was putting her to bed I noticed she felt a tad warm, but again, that could be from a cold, so I thought nothing of it. But she woke up at 10:30pm with a 101.6 fever and a bad barking cough. Luckily though the cough wasn't bad enough to keep her up. But she just felt horrible from the fever. She was crying and you know she was achy. So I gave her Motrin and brought her in bed with us. J didn't even argue, so that tells you something. She fell asleep right away but was fitful for a while. About 12:45am, I felt her and she was cool again, so I brought her back to her room and she slept the rest of the night. So far today, she has no fever and she's in good spirits. Her cough is even better than it was when she woke up. Here's hoping her fever doesn't return. If she stays fever-free today she can go to school tomorrow even with a cough. If it comes back tonight, she'll be home tomorrow too. This though will make her happy as when I told her she had to stay home with Daddy, she got a big grin on her face. Nice! I know she likes school (although she still tells me she can't tell me the names of her friends - again, Nice!), but I still think she's not liking the every day part. :) We're working on getting her to cough in her arm, not hands. That is what the school said they teach them to do. She's not liking that either. Oh well!

And of course, this is all perfectly timed as my Sis and youngest nephew are flying out tomorrow because she has a shower to go to on Saturday. I'll be really bummed if Kayla's sickness lessens the time I get with the little one. Crossing my fingers she stays on the mend. Not to mention that J agreed to watch Zachary Friday night so her and I could go out to dinner. THEN, my Dad offered to treat her and me to dinner. Does it get any better than that?

Alysa got her cast off yesterday, so my Gimpy Girl is gone. Her arm healed really well. We're supposed to stop her from climbing for a week as her bone is weaker and will break easier. Um...if we could STOP her from climbing, she wouldn't have broken her arm in the first place. But, we'll do what we can. Funny how 21 month old Toddlers tend to NOT listen to Mommy and Daddy. Her arm was very sore yesterday which is normal b/c it's all stiff and her muscles and haven't been used for so long. But she should be back to 100% in a week or so.

Now I have to share that I ran into TWO, count them, TWO ignorant people yesterday. I'm think if ignorance is bliss, then these were two very happy people. The first has to do with infertility and the second, food allergies. When I was waiting to get Alysa's x-rays, there was a woman who really took a liking to Alysa. She asked if she was my only one, if my other was older, if I had another girl? Blah...blah...blah... But then came my favorite question. Oh, are you going to have any more? Maybe try for a boy or another girl? These questions drive me batty. They used to send me to tears while battling infertility. But I also find it rude - why is it any one's business? I was nice and simply said, No. Now for most people, it ends there. But not her - she had to press and said Oh, you don't want anymore? At that point, I just looked at her and said "That's really personal". She then apologized and she didn't speak to me again. Who knew it would be that easy to shut someone up. ;)

#2 was at gymnastics. After class, Kayla insisted on going on the elevator. So we went and waited. We get on and so did 2 other Moms and their daughters. Once on the elevator, I noticed one little girl was digging into a thing of cheese. So I nudged Kayla back a bit so she was further from her and got down on her level and told her that the little girl had cheese. Kayla then said, "I can't have cheese". The Mom overheard and said, oh is she allergic? I said yes. She then proceeds to tell me her daughter (the one eating cheese) is allergic too. Then she says, she outgrew it. Ok fine - I said, Kayla is working on it, but hasn't yet. Then she proceeds to tell me how she got her to outgrow it by introducing it to her slowly and little by little. Um...the right there tells me she's not allergic - b/c that is not how to handle an allergy - it will make it worse. So then after going on and on as we're walking out of the building - she says, she still can't drink milk - it still gives her the gas, etc. So I said, Oh she's lactose intolerant. She responds with Yes. This is common for people to think lactose intolerance and dairy allergy are the same, but they're not. Lactose Intolerance only makes you uncomfortable where the allergy can be potentially fatal. So I said to her, Kayla is ALLERGIC, she can stop breathing. Her response? "Oh, she'll NEVER outgrow THAT!" Huh? What the heck to do you know - you don't even know know what a dairy allergy IS! I just said, actually she is starting to outgrow. Then she got all concerned, like, oh how do you handle it, etc. Luckily, I didn't have to talk to her that long. But come on - nothing like making a Mom feel good when her daughter has a food allergy.

I'm still shaking my head over these two. It was just one of those days I guess.

Last, but not least Christine and Janeen gave me the Nice Matters Award.

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It's nice to know others think I'm Nice. :) I guess that makes me loved! Thanks girls for the award. Sorry it took me so long!

posted at 1:30 PM  

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Jess Poskozim said...

Ignorance is amazing isn't it?! I can't believe how many people have argued with my that my daughter is lactose intolerant, not ALLERGIC to milk. Um, funny that none of them have medical degrees. I guess I'm glad for their sake that they don't have to worry about their child picking up a cheese cracker off the floor or anything like that.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope Kayla is feeling better soon!
That lady makes me mad. NO lady, your daughter isn't allergic to milk. If she were that cheese could kill her. Don't you just wish you had a clue by four in your purse that you pull out and whack people over the head in those situations?

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Christine said...

Sorry to hear Kayla isn't feeling well! Hope she's feeling better.
Sounds like a fun weekend visiting with family!!

HA!I'm laughing at Janeane's comment...."whack 'em with a clue by four". That lady would have made me mad too. Josh's doctor told me this one time, and I loved it. It's not a one size fits all disease. It's unique as the individual.


At 10:42 PM, Blogger Jennisa said...

Gol people...they really don't understand, do they? Great for you to not be rude...I would have had a hard time in both of those situations! :)

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Sorry to hear Kayla was so sick; hopefully she is well on the mend now! My Kayla started with a runny nose, but I think it's allergies because her eyes are watery and she's been rubbing them a lot. I've been giving her zyrtec but it doesn't seem to be helping - think it's time for a call to the clinic and see if there is something else to try.

sorry you had to enounter 2 ignornat people! Some people just don't know when to keep their mouth shut!


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