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Kayla, my oldest. She is 4 1/2 and is a sweet, loving and silly little girl. She took us 2 ½ years and 3 IVF’s to conceive. Kayla is allergic to dairy. We manage her allergy and work to balance her safety with giving her a normal childhood. Kayla loves to read books and play games - she amazes me every day.

Alysa, my youngest. She is 3 years old and is a silly little spitfire. She’s our monkey and loves to climb on everything. She was a “natural” baby, but it was only b/c of my wonderful doctors that we were able to stop an impending miscarriage. Alysa suffers from Acid Reflux Disease and sleep apnea. She may be little, but she has a big personality. She adores her big sister and is so much fun to be around. She keeps me laughing every day.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Blogiversary & Other Stuff
Well, it kind of snuck up on me. About a week ago, it entered my mind that hey - isn't my blogiversary coming up soon? I looked at my post history and wow! Today, Aug 30th. How did THAT happen?

I can't say that I have some brilliant post today. Especially with the last couple weeks [Kayla's testing; Alysa's arm; preschool preparation] I'm seriously unprepared. But I couldn't let the day go by unnoticed.

I entered the Bloggy World 1 year ago as a result of my Sister's Blog. I won't say it was like a competition thing, although I'll joke that I couldn't have her, my technologically-challenged Big Sister beat me out on something, and something on the computer no less. But it peaked my interest. I had never even read a blog before hers. I will also admit, I almost quit before it really got started. Computers and anything associated with them have always come easy to me. So when Blogger gave me nothing but problems with so many technical difficulties - I almost gave up. But I stuck with it and it's now 1 year later.

I can't say I'm surprised at all the wonderful people I've met and become friends with in the Bloggie world. During Infertitity, I had found my salvation on the internet. An infertitity support bulletin board (no longer exists). I not only came away from infertitity with 2 beautiful daughters, but with many wonderful, amazing and lifelong friends. So I knew the relationships that could blossom over the internet. I am greatful for the wonderful women I have met during my blogging adventure.

It is also because of blogging that I found my new hobby of digital scrapbooking. I may not have a ton of time to devote to it, but I am having a lot of fun with it, as I'm sure you've noticed from some of the pages I've posted.

I love having a place to share my experiences with my girls. The fun, the tears and the oh-so-many pictures I take. It has been a good outlet for me to share my experiences of infertility and food allergies. Both of these medical conditions are not well understood by many. I have found it a good release and helpful to share my experiences and to educate people.

So I thank those that read my blog - both those I know and those I don't know. If you read, please leave me a comment so I can come visit you as well.

Speaking of food allergies - I needed to share some very frustrating experiences I had this past week. You all know I took Alysa Monday to get her cast on Monday. I walk in the room with the girls and there are some kind of cake crumbs all over the floor and the chairs. So you can picture me - holding Alysa with the broken arm, making Kayla stand in the once safe corner of the floor, which I'm taking out baby wipes to clean the chairs AND the floor. It was truly the highlight of my day.

Then...I go out and get these potato stick snacks for Kayla. She's never had them and I get them thinking she'll like them, plus they come in individual packages which would be good for preschool. There is no dairy in the ingredients, but they have the warning that they are made on equipment that processes foods with milk. Now these warnings are ambiguous and not ragulated, so you really don't know what they mean. Some I stay away from, others after calling, I feel comfortable giving the product to Kayla and have with no issues. So I call the company. I got two different "not so bright people". With the first, I told her Kayla's allegy is to dairy and I explained that I needed to know their cleaning practices in between products. She basically says we follow the standards of law. Then she asks me what I want to hear. Um...hello? Then she says, "Your daughter has Celiac disease?" What? So then I asked for her supervisor. Again she tells me to tell her what I want to hear. Um - I want to know how you clean between batches? Some companies do batch testing, etc. She then tells me that they can't guarantee that there are no traces of dairy, that is why they HAVE to have that statement on the product. Let me say I don't expect food allergy experts - but the company NEEDS to have people who discuss the labels at least have some knowledge of the actual labeling laws. I had to explain to her that no, they don't HAVE to. They HAVE to list the Top 8 in the ingredients or as a separate line, but the additional warnings that have to due with possible cross-contamination are NOT required by law. In the end she said she'll contact the plant and get back to me. Yeah - right. No return call yet. I'll call again and give someone 1 more shot, but if I can't get a satisfactory answer, I'll return the potato sticks. It's just so frustrating to not be able to get an answer from an intelligent person.

In some lighter news. Kayla saw her teacher again yesterday and she remembered her. She was given all my instructions and paperwork, so she's good to go for next week. I will do a separate post on all that I did to prepare the school for Kayla. Last night Kayla started her Big Girl gymnastics class. She is in the 3 year old class now which means she will have a "show" the last week of class. It's exciting and sad to watch her get so big.

Tomorrow, the girls and I head to Ohio with my parents. So we'll have a nice weekend visiting with my Sister and her family. The girls are excited to see their cousins. So if I'm not around for the long weekend, you'll know why. I'll try to get on-line a bit when I'm there, but I never seem to have too much time. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll be checking in when I can.

posted at 3:06 PM  

At 1:02 PM, Blogger ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy Blogiversary (did I spell that right?)!!
Sorry about the Potato Stix. I'll call them later too. What a bunch of morons. People only know Celiac Disease and Peanut allergies. So frustrating!! And why they have food allergy morons answer these questions I'll never know. I called a company about paint last week and got some rude woman. I said my shpeal about Jason's allergies and she said "what do you want to know"? So I said "Does it contain wheat, rye, barley..." She said "NO" and hung up before I got out egg,milk,peanut, and tree nut. Well put your paint where the sun doesn't shine, cause I'm not buying your product anymore (Sorry for the rant).
Hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Happy blogiversary to you!! A year goes by quickly doesn't it?!

How frustrating to not get the information you need on products when you're trying to determine if they are safe to give to your daughter!

Have a fun weekend with your parents!

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Donna said...

Happy anniversary Sue and thank you for being my blog inspiration. Have a great trip with your Sis and family and we will catch up when you return. Spoke to insurance company who must employ the same moron you spoke to about the ingredients.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Carrie said...

Hi Sue,
I found your blog through The Princess Diaries. I have learned a lot about food allergies from your blog. I sure wish I knew why I can't see any of the pictures you post. Nobody else seems to have that problem. :(

At 5:32 PM, Anonymous heather said...

Hello! I enjoy reading your posts having found your site through your sister's blog. I have two little girls Alyssa 3 and Charis (who i so wanted to be Kayla but couldnt convince my husband!) 18months, so it is great reading about your two! Congrats on your blogiversary!
Heather, London, UK

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Happy 1 year!


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