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Kayla, my oldest. She is 4 1/2 and is a sweet, loving and silly little girl. She took us 2 ½ years and 3 IVF’s to conceive. Kayla is allergic to dairy. We manage her allergy and work to balance her safety with giving her a normal childhood. Kayla loves to read books and play games - she amazes me every day.

Alysa, my youngest. She is 3 years old and is a silly little spitfire. She’s our monkey and loves to climb on everything. She was a “natural” baby, but it was only b/c of my wonderful doctors that we were able to stop an impending miscarriage. Alysa suffers from Acid Reflux Disease and sleep apnea. She may be little, but she has a big personality. She adores her big sister and is so much fun to be around. She keeps me laughing every day.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Never a dull moment
The girls had their OMT appointment today and since Kaya's in school, they have to go Tuesday afternoons which means I can't be there since I work all day on Tuesdays. So J got the pleasure of taking them. Kayla did great and he thinks she could be off Prevacid within 2 months. I've already been able to reduce her dose by more than half and so far so good. I hope it continues to be this smooth.

Alysa on other hand will not be so easy. He said she has a lot of tension at the base of her skull and of course this is the area she fights him the most. He also said that the curve at the top of her spine is off and he thinks a contributing factor is that she took her first steps just shy of 9 months old and never looked back. So she did not get enough time crawling and that is when that curve is formed. So now we have to get her to crawl around on the floor looking at the ceiling for 15 minutes a day. This should be interesting and if I have to get down on the floor with her, I will have to invest in some good knee pads.

Another interesting development is that he wants her to see a neurologist/sleep specialist for a possible sleep disorder. Alysa is a child that was sleeping through the night at 2 1/2 months and until recently never woke up during the night. Even sick, she would sleep through - she could sleep through a train wreck. But in recent months, she has gotten up sporadically - some night saying she had to go potty. At first I attributed it to our potty training attempts. But it has gotten more frequent lately and I believe she has now taken to sleep walking. Every night she falls asleep with her reading light on. Every night I go in, take the book out of her bed that she fell asleep with and shut her light off. Most mornings her light is back on and sometimes she has more books in her bed. Some nights when I go in her room, she will sit up or stand up, look around and look right at me or more accurately through me. I can see her looking at me, but not seeing me. She will sometimes mumble and then lay back down. Twice when sleeping at my Mom's, my found her in the middle of the night sitting in the room crying. Sometimes she wakes up, opens and slams her door and then gets back in bed, sometimes multiple times. Most recently she has been coming into our room. She will climb into bed, lay on top of me and sleep. I then have to get up and put her back in bed. She's done this numerous times and it is getting more frequent. She's done it the past three nights in a row. Last night, Jerome woke me up about 3am and pointed out that she was laying on her stomach in between us at the foot of the bed. I picked up her and put her back to bed. Ten minutes later, her door slammed. Twenty minutes later, she was wandering around the hallway. I got her back to bed and she told me she was cold (this time she was awake for sure) and I covered her and she was out the rest of the night.

All of this is definitely effecting her. She will complain, "I'm so tired Mommy". "I want to take a nap Mommy". She naps for 2+ hours but is up most nights until 10-11pm. She'll complain of being tired after being up only an hour in the morning.

I looked up sleep walking in children today and found that reflux disease can be a cause. So I had J mention it to the doctor. I was surprised that he wants her evaluated by a neurologist. He said it sounds like sleep walking, but regardless her sleep is being effected and she needs to be looked at for the cause. A sleep study should be interesting with a 2 1/2 year old.

So here we are embarking down a new medical path.

Does anyone have any experience with childhood sleep walking?

posted at 10:30 PM  

Saturday, September 27, 2008
Fun with planes
Thanks to Michelle's Friday's Freebie post yesterday, I found out there is an air plane museum 6 miles from my house. I never knew it was there and to make things better, it's cheap! But also, it was taking part in Museum Day 2008 so Kayla and I got in free with a coupon I was able to print out. And Alysa was free because she's under 4. Sounded like a bargain to me. So this morning I took the girls to see some air planes and they were very excited. They loved looking at the planes and engines and even got to sick in the cockpit of an old war plane. Of course they wanted to sit in EVERY plane and just couldn't understand why they could not.

My little pilots...


I was told I had to go in the plane too and Kayla insisted on taking a picture of me.

Kayla actually loved the fake people in uniform (this is surprising), but Alysa was unsure of them. She kept saying she couldn't go near them because she didn't want to wake them up. She finally did pose for a picture.

When she saw this plane, Kayla decided she wants to fly planes when she grows up.

Since they were so well behaved at the museum, when we left I braved Marshall's with them to look for a dress for a wedding we have next Friday. They got fed up there which is typical for the, but I was able to find a dress that I can wear to the wedding next week and the one we have in LA in November. It has short sleeves but it's black and fits great, so it can be used for so much. I'm pretty excited. Now I have to look to see if I own black dress shoes. I had to get rid of all my shoes when my feet grew a whole size when I was pregnant with Kayla.

So far it was a good morning. It's great to find some place fun to take the kids especially on a rainy day in a string of rainy days. Thanks Michelle!

posted at 12:23 PM  

Friday, September 26, 2008
My handy dandy prize
I have entered into quite a few contests that 5 Minutes for Mom has hosted. And of course, I've never won. I mean, how could I be lucky enough to win a digital camera or a printer or television or one of the many other really cool prizes they've had up for grabs. But...On September 2nd, I found on their site a contest for the handiest, niftiest, much-needed Dapper Snappers. These little things are made to tighten up pants and shorts for kids. Since both my girls are very thin, I have nothing but trouble finding pants that fit them. Kayla needs the length of a 4T, but the would be falling down around their ankles. She could get away with being comfortable in the waist of a 2T. I've been able to find some brands with adjustable waist that she can wear. But...that makes shopping around for price very difficult. Not to mention I do a lot of returning.

I was completely surprised and excited to find out that I actually WON the Dapper Snappers. No, it's not something extravagant and expensive - but it's even better - because it's very much needed!

I received them in the mail a couple days ago and absolutely love them.

Conveniently, I had just gotten Kayla a new pair of pants from The Children's Place that I used to test them out.

Here is Kayla before the Dapper Snapper.

After the Dapper Snapper

The Dapper Snapper in action

They come in an assortment of colors and can be purchased online through Toddler Tech USA. Through September they are offering free shipping. And at the bottom of the 5 Minutes for Mom post there is a coupon for Buy Two Get One Free. Can't beat that! I'm going to have to get a couple for Alysa!

posted at 12:21 PM  

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Finally some pictures
I meant to get these up sooner, but the days always seem to get away from me...

They love the hay on the wagon...

Me and the girls...

Apple Picking...

With their loot...

On the way back...

It was a beautiful day and we got tons of yummy apples.

Today, Emma is coming over to play - it's her actual birthday, so I have some cupcakes for her. Kayla is very excited and is constantly asking if she can sleep over. *sigh* It's supposed to rain, but I'm hoping it will hold off a little so they can get outside a bit.

I will be back later since I have an award/meme and I got a prize! :)

posted at 10:41 AM  

Sunday, September 21, 2008
Birthday Party Bliss
Today the girls had another birthday party. This party was for Kayla's best friend. We've been seeing Emma and her family pretty often and they've been wonderful with regards to Kayla. They both have been very conscious of Kayla and have inquired quite a bit as to how to keep the party safe for Kayla. Their menu consisted of some snacks - nuts, tostitos, pretzels, veggies and dip and then fajitas. I knew the fajitas would include shredded cheese. But for the dip Jen had asked me for a safe dip and since they were willing to go out of their way, I offered to supply the dip since it can be a pain to find the safe sour "cream" and it's always pricier. So I brought the dip and pretzels for the party. Then a few days ago, they even asked for a fake cheese substitute. The question blew me away and of course I told them they are available, but I would never ask them to serve it to their friends. I know some kids like it, but Kayla does not and neither to J or I. Plus it doesn't melt. ;)

So at the party today, they blew my socks off when I went in the house to eat (J and I eat in shifts at parties) to find out that they decided to forgo the cheese. Jeff had also gone over all the other food when we got there and without the cheese, it meant it was a completely dairy-free birthday party (OK - until you got to cake time). I almost wanted to cry. This was the first time anyone (outside of family) has made a party dairy-free for Kayla. She was so excited to have everything be safe for her (even if she'd never touch a fajita). J and I did not have to eat in shifts and the party was even downright, dare I say...enjoyable? Relaxing even. And my fellow Allergy Moms and Dads know the last word we would use to describe a birthday party is relaxing. This day meant so much to J and I, especially coming on the heals of last weekend's disaster. I just hope that I was able to adequately convey my gratitude.

This relaxing and fun environment (along with their very nice and friendly friends) made it even more sad that we had to leave the party early. Usually food (cake, etc) pushes us out of parties early, but today it was for a much sadder reason. My Great Uncle died on the 18th and we were attending the viewing that was an hour away. So we had to leave the party earlier than we wanted to, but at least the girls got to play some games and be there for the pinata. Kayla of course was upset to leave, but what kids wants to leave a party. And on the way home she told me she had felt safe there. That's all I need to hear to know that these new friends of ours are keepers.

As for their sleep-over? I was the sleep-over that never went. At 9:30 when the running around and slamming of doors would not stop, I went upstairs to find all their pillows and dolls and books in Alysa's room. They wanted to sleep in there. But since she's still in a toddler bed, that would not happen. Then Alysa said she wanted to sleep in her room. I think they were both exhausted, but did not know how to wind down. So maybe another night...

posted at 9:10 PM  

Friday, September 19, 2008
It seemed like a good idea
Tonight, J put the girls to bed while I ran to Target to return clothes that did not fit Kayla (the story of my life). When I got home I went upstairs to say good night to them and Kayla asked if Alysa could sleep with her tonight. I figured, well, it's Friday night - no school tomorrow and even better, my Mom is watching the girls so I can have a digi-scrapping day with June. But I'm now thinking maybe it wasn't such a good idea. They've each come down a bazillion times because they "got hurt". They're up there taking turns screeching at the top of their lungs and it sounds like they will be coming through the ceiling at any moment. We'll see how the rest of the night goes - it's currently 9:30 p.m. And did I mention the whole doors opening and slamming shut phenomenon? So much for them listening when I told them to stay in bed...

Good luck tomorrow Mom - better you than me. :)

But...it is very cute to listen to their chatter through the monitor speaker.

posted at 9:20 PM  

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Onward & Upward
In the spirit of moving forward past all the negativity. I figured it was a good time to post some fun and exciting things.

My Sister was recently hit with the remnants of Ike and lost power. Now I know that is not fun or upbeat. But since she was told today that she would not have powered restored until Sunday night at midnight, she decided to pack up the kids and drive to New Jersey for a visit. My brother-in-law will stay home in the dark and quiet for work and I get to see my Sister and my niece and nephews. I am so excited and Kayla is beside herself. She keeps looking out the window saying, “My cousins are here.” It’s going to be a fun few days here, although I know it will go by way too quickly.

I got an award a week or so ago from Christine. She named me as one of her favorite blogs. It really made my day.

I can’t even remember exactly how long I’ve been reading Christine’s blog but it’s been quite a while. She’s always upbeat and can make me smile when I’m having a bad day. We share a love of digi scrapping and we can relate to the struggles of keeping our kids safe (her son has diabetes). There are similarities in what is needed of the school staff etc. So we can relate on that level as well. Thanks for the award Christine!

Here are the rules:

Put the logo on my blog
Add the link to the person who awarded me
Nominate at least 7 (or more) others for this award and links to those 7 on my blog.
Leave a message for my nominees on their blogs.

Here are the blogs that I nominate.

posted at 8:22 PM  

Monday, September 15, 2008
Kayla has a Best Friend
Yes, it’s true, my big 4 year old officially has a best friend…and it’s not Alysa. We have been getting together recently with a girl Kayla met in her gymnastics class. She and Emma are only a month and a half apart in age and they adore each other. Kayla has always liked playing with other kids, but she’s never really taken to anyone like she’s taken to Emma. Well, at least not girls. Boys in her class – yeah, a bit.

Whenever we are set to play with Emma, all I hear from Kayla is “Are we going to Emma’s now?” Then she, out of the blue, told me she wanted to go to Storybook Land with Emma. The best part for me is that I get along really well with Emma’s Mom, Jen. I really enjoy her company so the play dates have been fun for me too. Last night we were set to go out to PF Chang’s with Emma and her parents and then they were coming back to our house after for dessert. All day, all I heard was, “Is Emma coming over now?” “Is she here yet?” “Is Emma on her way here?” At the restaurant Kayla didn’t even care that she wasn’t sitting next to me (she sat between Emma and Alysa). To understand, you must know that Kayla is a total and complete Mama’s Girl. If I’m around, no one else can do for her. Kayla even asked me if Emma was going to sleep over. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to be ready for sleep-over’s. I never expected that request at 4 years!

Another amazing thing about Emma… Kayla and Alysa are attached at the hip. They adore each other, are on the save wave-length (their connection amazes me sometimes) and even when we play with other kids, they can’t separate from each other. But with Emma, they break apart. Kayla doesn’t ignore Alysa – actually the three of them play very well together. But, Kayla and Emma will go off on their own without asking Alysa to come. And thankfully this doesn’t faze Alysa. They do this at Emma’s house and yesterday, Kayla took Emma up to her room and they played just the two of them. But it’s also nice because when Alysa decided to go up and join them, they all played together. There are also times when Emma and Alysa will play together. But for Kayla to not stick to Alysa like glue is really a big deal.

So I was told last night by Jen that Emma says that Kayla is her best friend. Kayla told me the same thing last night. Does it get any cuter???

It was a late night for the girls – they stayed until 9pm. Considering that Kayla and Alysa typically stay up until at least 9 reading, you would think it wouldn’t be a bid deal. But they were non-stop tornados tearing through the playroom and bedrooms. So getting Kayla up this morning was not fun (we had to wake them both up). Even Alysa, although she still woke up pleasant, lounged in bed and didn’t want to get out. Ditto for me and J too.

But it was a fun night and with them being so wonderful with regards to Kayla’s allergy, it was a relaxing and stress-free evening out. The men got along great too (it was their first time together). The only down side of this whole thing? They are a military family and will be leaving New Jersey next summer. It will be a sad-sad day…

posted at 12:07 PM  

Saturday, September 13, 2008
Birthday Party - *Warning-Major Rant*
I know I've been a bit MIA this week - and I even have an award to post about. But getting back into the school routine has been a bit tough (the girls like to sleep in & school is making Kayla exhausted), so I'm a bit behind on EVERYTHING!!!

But...today, I had a birthday party. It was the 1st birthday of a very close friend. We've been best friends since college and she means the world to me. She's one of the few who stuck by me through my Infertility depression.

As I do with all parties, her and I spoke ahead of time on a couple of occasions and she told me her whole menu so I knew what to expect. Overall there wasn't much risk there - cheese on the hamburgers and a taco dip with cheese (which most kids won't touch anyway). Everything else was very low risk, if there was any dairy in it, that is of course excluding the cake. She had also e-mailed her other friends ahead of time to let them all know up front of Kayla's allergy. But despite this, I was feeling physically sick over going to the party. I guess I was having some Mother's Intuition and some foreshadowing over what was going to happen.

Things were going smoothly - the girls, although cranky from no nap or rest, were having a blast in the moon bounce. But then the food started coming out. I spoke to a couple of Moms who were more than willing to wipe their kids hands down after eating (and I didn't even have to remind them). My Mom (who came to help manage the food situation) also spoke to a couple of parents. At one point she got into a conversation with one of the fathers (who is very nice) about Kayla. She told him about her and one of the other fathers there, whose name is Glenn asked what her reaction was and showed surprise that she was contact-reactive. I will also note that Glenn is a firefighter - which means he is trained in emergency medicine and is no stranger to an emergency medical situation (which also usually includes training on epi pens). About 20 minutes later, Glenn had gotten his daughter, also named Kayla (a 4 year old who is a very rude child I might add), some food. Part of it being a cheese burger. So I nicely said, "Glenn, if you wouldn't mind, when Kayla is done eating, could you wipe Kayla's hands with a wipe? I have some here that I brought." He, without even looking up at me said, "What for?" Let me stress the absolute nastiness in his tone of voice. I simply and nicely explained why - Kayla has a dairy allergy and she is contact-reactive, blah...blah...blah... Well, he completely IGNORED me. It actually took me some time for it to sink in that he was doing just that. I kept asking him if he heard me. It sunk in when he proceeded to talk to his daughter (who doesn't fall far from her Daddy's tree). I was floored. I turned to my Mom and said, "We have to leave. It's not safe for Kayla here". I looked around and found my girlfriend and asked her to come over. She did and I told her I needed to talk to her in private. I explained what happened and told her I couldn't stay and put Kayla at risk. She understood and agreed that Kayla's safety came first, and she was totally apologetic. I told her she had nothing to apologize for, I appreciated all she did and that I was in no way expecting her to get involved. She was close to tears as I was leaving and I was shaking with rage as I had to practically drag an hysterical Kayla to the car. We had to quickly drive away as both my Mom and me were very close to going back and telling him off. But...I didn't want to make the birthday party any worse for my girlfriend.

Is wiping your child's hands really such a big deal that you must make an issue over it? It's not like I was asking him to not feed her, or change what she was eating or have her move and eat somewhere else. Last I checked, clean hands was not on the list of things that constituted child abuse!

I'm no longer shaking, but the rage is still there, as well as the despair. I can never take Kayla to another party at their house as long as they are there. How is it fair that my daughter get left out because of an Ignorant ***???

I'll say I pity those people whose lives are held in his hands on the fire calls he answers.

posted at 3:51 PM  

Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Gotta love Enjoy Life Foods
Back at the FAAN Walk, I met a woman who is a nutritionist specializing in food allergies and celiac disease. She also happens to work for Enjoy Life Foods. She is wonderful and is working with me to fit it in her schedule to be a guest speaker at our November support group meeting. She had also offered to send me some samples for our next meeting which is on Wednesday.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to receive a box of samples. Cookies, snack bars, pamphlets and coupons. She also included samples for a cereal that I had never heard of. The cereal is Perky O’s made by Perky’s 100% Natural which is another brand made by Enjoy Life. The cereals are all gluten and nut free. The ones she sent me were also dairy-free. And for a product that is gluten-free they are pretty good.

It was so great of her to send me the samples – it will be hard to part with all the good stuff on Wednesday. The girls know their labels and were quite excited to see them.

Let me show you how I’m in Food-Allergy-Friendly Heaven!

posted at 10:33 AM  

Monday, September 08, 2008
We interrupt this family-friendly blog…
…for a Bachelorette Party. My friend June is getting married next month and her Bachelorette party was Saturday night. Since she had no clue where we were going or what we were doing, I had to keep quiet about it here.

I dropped the girls off with my Parents and headed up with my friend Dawn to meet the girls. From there, we hopped in a beautiful stretch limo and were chauffeured into New York City for a hilarious Off-Broadway production of…

And it really was Naked Boys Singing. It’s a musical review – so there are a bunch of different songs all performed by men, well, nude. I even have a DVD of the show to prove it. ;) Now going in, June had no idea as to what the show was. And we were literally front-row CENTER in a small theater. So the seats were right at the stage. The lights were off when the men came on stage, so her first clue was when the lights came on and they were standing right in front of her. We were all hysterical. The songs were funny, the singing and dancing was entertaining and the men could sing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time.

After the show, we went out to dinner. There were a bunch of other bachelorette parties there and the place was very fun. We got to dance on our chairs and play with tambourines. Since we had time left with the limo, on our way back, we stopped at an Irish pub for some bad Karaoke – sorry I did not perform. I was unable to drink due to some medication I’m on (for an infection in my toe nail) and I would have needed quite a bit of alcohol to sing. ;)

I’ll say I could get used to the limo thing. Our driver was great too. He was personable and so nice. He escorted all of us to and from the limo with an umbrella to shield us from Hannah’s rain (it was pouring most of the night).

I didn’t get home until 1:30am, which is earlier than I thought I’d get home, but I’m still paying for it. I am not used to staying out that late.

Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Don’t worry – no cameras were allowed during the performance, so I don’t have any of the naked boys…

June all ready to go

Me & Dawn

Me as an “Altar Boy”

You can see how close we were to the stage

Me dancing on my chair

Dancing fun

Me, June & Dawn

Me & June

It was a blast – I can’t wait until the wedding!

posted at 1:39 PM  

Sunday, September 07, 2008
Just to show that nothing is safe
First - last night I went to a bachelorette party for a friend who reads this blog. Since the specifics of the night were a surprise, I could not blog about them. So later...I will be back with the scoop and some fun pictures (*hint- me dancing on chairs*). But for now, just to show everyone why I go crazy with phone calls and can never assume anything with regards to Kayla's safety...

You can see here WHY!

I also recommend you read some of the comments - very entertaining.

posted at 8:39 AM  

Saturday, September 06, 2008
Their OMT went really well yesterday. Alysa wasn't as cooperative this time, but she's 2 1/2, so what more can I expect from her? Because of me scheduling her August f/u for when I was going to be in Ohio (duh), it's been 6 weeks. He said the progress he made last time held, so that is good. Shows how well they heal as kids. He also said that her mouth is crowded - yeah, all her teeth are touching. He said she has a ton of room in her head, so as time goes on, he's going to try to get in her mouth and push her teeth apart. He put it in a nicer way. But it will hopefully (if she'll let him) avoid her needing a pallet expander when she's older or having adult teeth pulled to make room (like I needed). Let's hope. It will be easier and pain-free for him to do it now.

Kayla was a trooper. She got scared a bit during the therapy, but she was great. He said that she's in pretty good shape and it shouldn't take long at all to get her off Prevacid. Woohoo! Fingers crossed for that. We go back in 3 weeks.

I'm off now to drop the kids at my Mom and Dad's so I can head off for some girly fun. I can't get into details about it now, but I'll be able to tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

posted at 11:35 AM  

Thursday, September 04, 2008
A successful day back
Kayla is officially back to school. She is so excited that "summer is over" and to be back to class with her friends. I was afraid she would not be able to fall asleep last night, but luckily she had no problems and I didn't have to wake her up today.

When we got to school, she walked in and when she saw her teacher's assistant, she ran up to her and threw her arms around her. Definitely happy to be back. I brought her to her classroom and dropped off her medicine pack and safe snack box. Alysa and I then headed off for a special treat of Philadelphia soft pretzels. Alysa wanted to stay at school too but the promise of the pretzels helped to get her out the door. When I picked Kayla up it was business as usual - she "did nothing", sat next to "no one" and had a fruit snack bar for snack.

All ready to go

At her classroom

Ready for class to start

Alysa chowing down on a pretzel

Outside the bakery with an extra special treat of a cookie

She was excited to have a pretzel and a cookie, although my strange child preferred the pretzel!

Kayla loved her first day...

Tomorrow she'll only be at school for an hour b/c the girls have an OMT appointment at 10:30. I'm hoping it goes as well as the first one.

posted at 2:18 PM  

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
My Guest Post
Today, you can find me over here. Blessed, has taken a blogging vacation this week while her sister, The Random Muse is visiting her. We met back in February when The Random Muse and I became partners for the Valentine's Goody Swap. She has honored me by asking me to write one of her guest posts this week. At first I had no idea what to write about. What would people who have never "met" me want to read about? In the end I decided to write about Kayla's food allergy - in the form of making a dairy-free and allergen-friendly birthday party. Luckily she loved the idea.

It will also be interesting b/c with her daughter's first birthday party during this week (yesterday to be exact), she's going to do some comparing and contrasting next week. I can't wait to live vicariously through her for a dairy-filled party.

posted at 6:00 AM  


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